eliza glaister

NYC-based Chef and Caterer

Food has always has been a constant area of curiosity in my life.   Raised by British parents in the cosmopolitan setting of New York City, as well as in rural Millbrook, NY, I was exposed to various cuisines and cooking styles.  Whether it was trying out different ethnic restaurants or traveling to Europe and the Caribbean to visit friends and family, or growing vegetables in our garden, food has always intrigued me.  These passions led me to The French Culinary Institute where I graduated in 2011, and thus led me to my career as a professional chef.  

My first experience in the professional world was at Prune, a lower east side restaurant, where I learned from Chef Gabrielle Hamilton and Chef de Cuisine Ned Baldwin. They both taught me that simplicity and quality ingredients are what make superb food. And well, that confidence doesn’t hurt either. This brought me to yet another LES restaurant, The Grey Lady, where I gained skills working on the line, and began my career path in off-premise catering with Chef Gavin McLaughlin. Now I have found my own place in the culinary world as a private chef and caterer here in New York City as well as the Hudson Valley.  

 Building relationships with various purveyors around New York and the Hudson Valley brings me closer to the food.  Knowing where the food is coming from and what goes into the food is an integral part of my cuisine.  Regarding my clients these relationships are just as important, while I am very discrete, I enjoy engaging with both the hosts and guests. I love the feeling of bringing beautiful food to people and hearing their comments about their experience.  To me sharing is the most important aspect of food. I was trained that simple techniques teamed with imagination creates the best results and I believe that being curious and having time to spend in the kitchen are what make me a better chef. I bring aspects of fine dining into your home, with a relaxed and sophisticated demeanor, while using local and seasonal foods when possible. I am so fortunate to do what I love and hope that you are fortunate enough to get to experience my food and me!